Are These Viral, Budget Cosmetics of 2018 so far Really Value for Money & Worth The Hype?

Hello everybody and welcome to my blog, this is my very first blog post and I hope that you guys love it! I am literally up here on the start of the 10th February past midnight, the very moment my birthday started working on this, so please show some love!

So, there has been a spike of hyped up cosmetics at the start of 2018 and there has been very strong emphasis on budget cosmetic brands such as Makeup Revolution and E.L.F. What I have found with Makeup Revolution and E.L.F is that their packaging and designs aren’t very distinguishable from more expensive and up market brands so I have decided to test the quality of these products to see if they match their classy looking packages! I have also included a Maybelline item from Gigi Hadid’s collection that a lot of people have been also raving about on social media. I ordered these on Superdrug’s website despite the fact that I usually just pop into my local store, I actually saw the Makeup Revolution concealers selling like hot cakes and running out every time I added one to my basket and the majority of the colours were out of stock so I grabbed two while I had the chance!…along with some extras lol.

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Here is a list of all the items I bought included with their prices

  1. Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer in C6 – £4.00 (2x)
  2. Makeup Revolution Soph X Highlighter Palette – £7.99
  3. Makeup Revolution Revoholic Love Conquers All Palette – (FREE when you spend over £15 on Makeup Revolution products!)
  4. Makeup Revolution Rose Gold Lipstick in Red Carpet – £3.00
  5. E.L.F. Flawless Finish Foundation SPF15 Porcelain in 111 – £7.50
  6. E.L.F. Instant Lift Brow Pencil in Neutral Brown – £3.00
  7. Maybelline Gigi Hadid East Coast Liquid Eyeliner in Black – £7.99

Firstly, I am going to start of with the most hyped up product of them all, you can probably guess, the Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer! I can confirm that this is THE concealer, coverage is amazing and almost beats my all time favourite concealer (that I have used for 4 years straight – Maybelline Perfect Fit Me! Concealer). It is VERY thick and works like a paint, it covers everything! However, I do not recommend using it on dry skin as it very easily looks cakey with any slight dryness present (due to the thickness and coverage power). Lasting power? It is okay, but do not apply this once and hope it’ll last all day, BUT I did not use primer or setting powder but I can say the results are beautiful, I gained compliments as soon as I applied it and did not feel the need to use foundation, this was good enough coverage alone.

I also decided to try a product from E.L.F, I actually was convinced that this was an expensive brand until I actually saw the price of the foundation. The foundation has a wonderful warm tone and also has amazing coverage, it also has a lovely soapy clean smell to it. The foundation is very matte too and has a lovely powdery finish to it, I love it because it is not greasy and does not feel like it is being absorbed away or like it slides off the skin like a lot of oily/watery/runny foundations! However I do not feel like the shade name change is suitable, it was changed from natural to porcelain and as you can see, it is very warm and too slightly dark compared to most porcelain shades but it blends in very well and is good for covering redness.

In the picture the E.L.F foundation is on the left and the Makeup Revolution concealer is on the right. You can already see how thick and lovely the consistencies are in the photo!

Okay, so here we have are some swatches from the Soph X Highlighter Palette, I love the darker colours because they make a really good blusher for my pale skin and I love how there are shades that suit all skin tones and that it has a range of warm and cool shades. I didn’t have to dig my fan brush into the palette for sufficient colour and find that this works way better than liquid highlighters which I find disintegrates and slides off.

Although the Revoholic Love Conquers All Palette is meant to be a multi-use, universal style palette I do not feel like these colours as eye shadows work together and that most of it is very similar to the highlight palette (apart from the black eye shadow and one matte shade). This palette is very pigmented and works better as a accompaniment with your own eye shadow.

I have a ton of red lipsticks but I had to try this £3 Rose Gold Makeup Revolution Lipstick, I am usually only keen on matte lipsticks and this one wasn’t but it was not runny and slidy (if that makes sense) like majority of non-matte lipsticks, the consistency is great as it lasts and actually makes your lips feel moisturised and does not dry out like matte lipsticks. I would describe this lipsticks consistency as between matte and a creamy texture, the pigment is great too, especially for only £3!

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As for the final two products, the E.L.F eyebrow pencil has a very thin tip and is amazing for creating definition, however I found the formula to be too dark and heavy and fake looking, but when used with caution and with the right technique it is pretty decent!

The Gigi Hadid East Coast Liquid Eyeliner is BOMB! It glides on and has an extremely pointed bendable fabric tip, it is extremely pigmented and has serious lasting power (it literally stays painted on and when you rub your eyes). However if you make mistakes when doing eyeliner flicks this can be a hindrance as it is a NIGHTMARE to remove when removing mistakes and can irritate the eyes, so a waterproof make up remover is needed!

So, are these products worth it? Yes, the hyped up ones were worth it! Do they match up to their classy packages? Yes! as for the others with faults, they would make a good accompaniment with your other makeup products, the only product that I was not very happy with was the eyebrow pencil by E.L.F.

I hope that you guys enjoyed my very first blog post! it look a lot of guts because I’ve tried and failed numerous times on building my Instagram and other social media accounts in the past and know that you have to go about blogging and social media very strategically and professionally. Please leave some feedback and opinions on this post and constructive criticism and I hope that you enjoy my future content to come.


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  1. February 10, 2018 / 1:45 am

    Yaaas I am obsessed with that concealer! Great post angel ❤️

    • beautifullyeurasian
      February 10, 2018 / 1:46 am

      Awww thanks love and I know! This one and the Maybelline Fit Me! Are the bomb 💕

  2. February 10, 2018 / 6:43 am

    Ooh I must try these I’m fed up of paying over the odds for makeup xx

    • beautifullyeurasian
      February 10, 2018 / 10:01 am

      Exactly! When you do find a good value for money products it’s rare, but these companies have stepped up their game this year xx

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