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What’s up homies?! I am on a streak right now when it comes to blog posts and I decided to review Unicorn Cosmetics, firstly they are a very professional brand and they really put a lot of care into their products and packaging (as you can see). Yes, I know this rainbow-holographic-unicorn trend makes some people sick and should’ve been left in 2016/2017 but I don’t follow trends, I personally loved unicorns and had unicorn plush toys when I was a child so if you hate unicorns turn away! Holographic and unicorn lovers… this is your paradise and I hope you guys enjoy this!

Firstly, I am going to include a list of cosmetics I am going to review. I did purchase the brush set but cannot include close up pictures and review them all because I have not tried all of the brushes and secondly, my brushes look a mess! So here are the products I will cover in this review.

  1. Unicorn Gloss in Holo-Moonshine – £13.49
  2. Unicorn Gloss in Holo-Milkyway – £13.49
  3. Luxury 3D Mink Lashes | Majestic AF – £11.99
  4. **Revamped** Original Unicorn Brushes – £45.99
  5. The Best Eye Lash Glue Ever (by Eye Charm) – £2.50

At the time I did purchase these products they were cheaper, so the prices that are stated are the current prices and going rate (at the time this blog is written).

Unicorn Holographic Gloss

This was unicorn cosmetics first ever cosmetics sold, before they were initially known as Unicorn Lashes and I can confirm that their lashes are amazing but I will get to that later.

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The Holo-Moonshine was the most holographic/rainbow looking lip gloss that was on the site so I decided to try this one out first, it looks amazing in the bottle and on the lips! However it must be dabbed on due to the nature of the lip gloss, I do find with this lip gloss that this works better as a lip topper (as recommended on the website) because the holographic glitter gets caught in the creases of the lips (as you can see). The formula is decent, the best way to show the colour to you guys is by a video but I am unable to include one so I tried to show this colour in the right angle and light on the swatch I did. It looks more green/orangey in the bottle but as you can see, it comes up a blue/purple colour.

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The Holo-Milky way lip gloss is a more suitable colour to be used alone, as you can see it has a lovely peachy and frosty tone that matches the natural lip skin tone more whereas the holo-moonshine can make lips look dull when used alone. These are perfect to use as toppers on top of matte lipsticks, I think that they are absolutely stunning products and would recommend them.

Unicorn Luxury 3D Mink Lashes | Majestic AF & The Best Lash Glue Ever

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Firstly, there was a lot of hype over their lashes so I looked them up on their website, I have very good judgment when it comes to buying lashes online and knew these would look bomb!.. and they did. I loved how they are wispy at the end and did not look too fake at the same time, these worked amazingly with the eyelash glue. The eyelash glue was recommended by the founder of unicorn cosmetics so I thought… we will see. I was very very sceptical when I saw that this glue was from Korea/China but seriously, it. is. amazing! The formula is thin, crystal clear and spreads very easily, you do not have to wait for it to go tacky and it does not dry and become white and sticky, this glue almost sticks on instantly and makes it much easier to apply lashes and it lasts all day! I remember when I got caught in the rain whilst wearing these lashes with the glue, I had 2 crying fits (lol) and it STILL lasted all day.

**Revamped** Original Unicorn Brushes 

I cannot give a full review on the brush set however from what I have used, they are VERY good value for money (I got the set for £34.99!!). I have only used the highlighter fan brush, the cheek hugging contour brush and the eyeshadow crease brush. The BEST brush I have found so far is the contouring cheek brush, you do not need to dig it in the product too much and it gives that sculpt effect instantly! The eyeshadow crease brush blends ANY product so easily and is perfect for achieving that ombre effect. I thought these brushes will only look good and not perform as well as they look but not only that, they work REALLY well too. All brushes feel beautifully soft, they were so pretty that I felt horrible dipping them in make up! I will leave a full review of the brush set at the end of my next make up review when I can but I hope you guys enjoyed this review and feel free to leave a comment below about your experience with Unicorn Cosmetics or if you have any questions!


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