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Hello everyone I hope y’all is good! I am in search of some new Japanese/oriental hotspots besides generic takeaways and Wagamama, I initially decided to visit another Japanese restaurant for dinner but it was closed so I thought about trying this place, this spot is more suitable for lunch since the food is more light and smaller portioned. Because I am familiar with dim sum and Chinese food, I am familiar with what a Bao was however, I have never them in this style! Yes, I have had char siu bao’s and so on but these were filled with very interesting ingredients and you can see that their food is like a work of art!

The atmosphere was good, the staff were really sweet and friendly but the place was a little cold – hence why I think this place is better to visit for a light bite and preferably in the summer! They do a range of salads, soups and obviously – bao bao’s, they do two types: “Ottimmo or Wafu” I cant really explain what they are since I have not tried them both but the one I chose was the “Ottimmo” style one, it had a peanut/vinaigrette based dressing and flavour. Most of their food is served with sweet potato chips and they do freshly squeezed juices (which I love). They do a range of sweets such as matcha egg tarts and Oreo tempura (which I am intrigued to try the next time I visit).

My Ottimmo Duck and Plum Sauce Baobun + Edamame Salad + Sweet Potato Chips

I am going to start with what I tried first, the salad was amazing, they used this phenomenal peanut salad dressing on top of edamame beans, lettuce, cabbage and cucumber and it was one of the best salads I have ever had, the egg to top it off was also good. The sweet potato chips and spicy/sriracha mayo worked in harmony too. The bao bun itself had this nice, light and fluffy texture, better than a lot of char siu buns have and almost melts in the mouth, the duck was lovely and crispy and the plum style hoisin sauce was to die for too, everything just worked so well together, I just wish there was more of it! The carrot juice was also lovely (I got nuts over fresh carrot juice!).

Miso Soup with Udon Noodles, Sichimi Squid & Squid Ottimmo Baobun

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The miso soup was also one of the nicest miso soups I have ever had, the udon noodles were very nice and had a good texture to them, usually I do not go for udon noodles but these were an exception as I assume they were also homemade, I loved the seaweed, sesame and the fragrant taste this soup had and all of the ingredients worked so well together. As for the squid, it was very crispy and not too oily like a lot of salt and pepper style/fried squid dishes you get from take aways and restaurants, I did not try the squid bun but it was apparently delicious!

Put the cold building and portion sizes aside, this place would be perfect! I would definitely visit again and will give another update/review on the deserts menu! They also do veggie and vegan options. Thank you very much for reading and I hope that you guys enjoyed this post and that it did not make you too hungry! Any feedback would be appreciated on local oriental style hotspot’s you guys have found, the south east asian/oriental food industry is full of extremely overrated corporates that swallow up small businesses and westernised oily junk food (speaking about take away’s) and it would be nice to hear about some nice hot spots and food that you guys have tried.


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