NYX I love you so Mochi sleek & chic shadow & arcade glam highlight palette review

Hello everybody, I am so sorry for the lack of posts, because of this there is a backlog of posts that will be posted all at once! This post will be a very honest review on the new I Love You so Mochi products by NYX, this product range has quite a twist due to its squishable, mochi-like texture, I was just so intrigued by this range and had to try it! The point of this range is to mimic an all time favourite Japanese candy called mochi, by making it soft, squishy and cushion-like in texture. I can honestly say that these products are worth every penny! the colours in the highlight and shadow palettes are phenomenal.

Firstly, this range consists of two shadow and two highlighter palettes, there are two shadow palettes; The sleek & chic palette which consists of more neutral and natural colours (compared to the other palette and despite this the pigment is amazing), there is also the electric pastel palette which consists of brighter, neon colours. I chose the sleek & chic palette so I can use it more in the day and so it is more suitable for everyday use. There are also two highlight palettes; Arcade glam which consists of cool shades and Lit lfe which consists of more warm/gold shades. The products I will be reviewing in this post is the arcade glam highlight palettes and the sleek & chic shadow palette. Also, just to let you guys know…

Both shadow palettes retail at £18.00 & Both highlight palettes retail at £17.00.

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Squishy/Mochi Texture?

When I first received my cult beauty package with these beauties I was dying to test the texture and dig my fingers in, the hilarious thing was that the shadow and highlight palette was hard due to the cold weather but it was still squishy. I must warn you guys not to squish it too much because this can cause the formula to crumble (after all they still are made up out of powder). What I love about the texture is that it is very good for using with your fingers and makes the application very easy, even when your make up brushes are out of reach or are in need for a clean! I would actually recommend using your fingers more for these products as make up brushes make them slightly crumble, the product transfers and sticks to skin much better. You can also see how the formula works and my finger print in the product below.


Arcade Glam Highlight Palette

Due to the lighting in my kitchen the photo of the swatches does no justice so I have included a photo of me wearing the cool white and pink shade in natural light. A lot of highlighters just don’t show on my skin because I am so pale at the moment but this was just so bomb! The longevity is amazing due it’s unique texture and the fact you can apply it with your fingers. Out of the highlight palettes that I have, the pigment is the best in this one! This highlight palette is also great when it is applied to the inner corners of the eyes and the cupids bow. The way the product transfers is really good, it instantly sticks on the skin, but try to void digging in too hard as it can crumble, you can see in my photos that I poked it around too much!


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Sleek & Chic Shadow Palette

The colours on this are stunning, they have a very good range of dark and light shades along with one matte shade. The shadows are extremely pigmented and I could not wish for any more with the metallic’s! I am also wearing the pink/peach colour in the photo above from this palette. This too is better when used with your fingers, I found that my eye shadow crease brush made the eye shadows slightly crumble, these shadows are also really blend-able without make up brushes.


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I could not fault these products at all and are worth every penny! the shine in them are amazing but the only thing is that I would not recommend using make up brushes with them too much (everything in moderation), if you want the best out of the pigment, the pigment transfers better to and from your fingertips due to the squishy texture. I hope you enjoyed my review and if you did purchase any of these products, I hope that you enjoyed them as much as I did and I would like to hear your opinions on this product!



  1. April 15, 2018 / 8:39 am

    Great Review! Interesting product… I do need to try this out! xoxo Sarah

    • beautifullyeurasian
      April 15, 2018 / 12:00 pm

      Thank you and definitely! It’s amazing x

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