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Hello my beauties, I hope all is well. This is a late review and Lime Crime is brand that I have always wanted to try, initially I went to try out and buy some velvetines and diamond crushers from Cult Beauty until I decided to look at Lime Crime’s website and I was in luck. I was very torn on what diamond crushers to try since they all looked so gorgeous and they sold a diamond crushers cracker bundle containing three crackers which contains three lip crushers each, this usally retails at $75 and was reduced to only $35 for nine colours! The postage and packaging to the U.K. is very reasonable that I decided to get the cracker bundle from Lime Crime’s main site. I also purchased a metallic velvetine lip gloss in the shade raisin hell from Cult Beauty which retails at £16.00.

Lime Crime Metallic Velvetine Lip Gloss in Raisin Hell

Let me start off with the packaging, the packaging is very good and the bottle is made out of this frosted glass and a metallic lid which is very pretty! The second thing that I have noticed is that the velvetine lip gloss smells asbolutely devine, it actually smells of vanilla cake. The colour is a very deep brown/red/wine colour and the longevity is amazing, you really don’t need to use much since it has such high spread-ability (which can be difficult apply but I know this will seriously last). The spread-ability does not affect the pigment neither and you don’t need to apply multiple coats to make the pigment pop, one word of advice though, do not apply this to dry lips as it sets very quickly and is very durable and will make dry skin more visible.



Unicorn Diamond Crushers Cracker Box


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Firstly, all of the cracker boxes were packaged very nicely as you can see and the unicorn cracker box is what caught my eye first so I am going to review this one first!

The formula is very watery in texture an to the touch but is by no means watered down in terms of pigment and colour, what I love about it is that it goes from this watery, highly spreadable formula to setting quickly yet it does bake on, this consistency is very hard to explain since it is extremely glittery but the glitter is so fine that it blends easily and does not irritate the skin. These diamond crushers also smell of grape Kool-aid which is really lovely, you do not need to use much product neither and the product is almost waterproof once it is set on the lips. These can also be used as a lip topper or alone, either way they look stunning.

The unicorn cracker box has a purple/intergalactic colour theme and I find that these are the most pigmented and deeper coloured cracker boxes out of the three. This box contains the following colours that I will explain in my own words (as opposed to the site description to give you guys and honest opinion).

  • Black Unicorn – This is a dark purple formula with blue/light purple glitter, the pigment is insane with this one.
  • Unicorn Queen – This is a medium purple with very cool shades of purple glitter.
  • Unicorn – This is a light purple shade with pink glitter, this is more like a cool toned pearl shade.


Glinda Diamond Crushers Cracker Box


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The Glinda cracker box has a pearly/iridescent/pink theme and is personally one of my favourites, with this box I tend to use these to also highlight areas of my face such as the corners of my eyes, the cupids bow and even on the cheeks on top of highlighter, I really cannot live without these and this is fantastic for pale skin because I have to apply lots of highlighter for it to show up on my face and this give me that extra shine.

  • Pink Pearl – This is a white holographic/iridescent shade with pink and green undertones.
  • Choke – This is a cool pink colour with undertones and is one of my favourites.
  • Acid Fairy – This is a deeper pink with subtle purple and gold undertones.



Gold Diamond Crushers Cracker Box


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Unlike the other two cracker boxes, this box has warm colours and undertones and they are wonderful and enough to brighten your day. I also add these on my eyelids and cheeks occasionally to add warmth!

  • Lit – Is a pink shade with gold glitter making it a rose gold shade.
  • Cleopatra – Is a very pigmented deep and solid gold colour with yellow glitter.
  • Dope – This is a gold colour with purple glitter/undertones and has a slightly pink appearance like Lit.

Overall I would rate these 10/10 because they are so beautiful and versatile (even though they are just sold as lip toppers) and I used them in addition to my other make up products, these are very long lasting and smudge-proof too. I cannot wait to purchase and review more of their stuff and I hope that you guys enjoyed this, I will post more frequently and would love to receive some feedback and interact with you all!



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      April 11, 2018 / 3:44 pm

      Wow thank you, I’ll check it out!

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