Hit or Miss? My First Glossier Haul & Review

Who Are Glossier & What Attracted Me To Their Products?



Glossier (pronounced: “gloss-ee-ay”) is a skin care and beauty brand that emphasises on natural beauty. The slogan of this brand is, “skin first, makeup second”. Good skin works as a canvas for amazing makeup and I could not agree more! Also, the aim of Glossier is to not focus on altering beauty, instead focusing on enhancing natural beauty. It is also claimed that their products work all of the magic so that even minimal/no makeup is necessary due to glowing and dewy skin.

Glossier launched and founded in 2014 with a range of only four products. However, Glossier blew up and became an insanely popular brand with a whopping 1.1 Million Instagram followers. Also, not to mention their 10,000 person waiting list for two of its products. I was on the long waiting list for their skin perfecting solution. I had to wait for almost two months for that product to even be in stock again. What has made this brand so successful is the brand design and sophisticated marketing techniques. They use the most beautiful shade of baby pink on the colour spectrum for their brand design (which inspired my blog theme colour). Glossier also display a diverse range of women of various ethnicities looking natural, beautiful and simply glowing!

This brand also has a nostalgic kick to their brand image, such as the little nineties-style smileys and logos included which reminds me a lot of Lip Smacker’s designs. So, what attracted me to their brand? The aesthetics and beautiful packaging of course. Along with seeing endless beauty bloggers claiming that this is the holy grail of skincare. So, I am going to give a breakdown on the unboxing and packaging and my thoughts on my first ever Glossier haul and review!


What I Purchased & Received


  1. Phase 1 Set (Including the milky jelly cleanser, priming moisturiser & balm dotcom of your choice, I chose the birthday balm) – £35.00
  2. Mask Duo (Includes the mega greens galaxy pack & moisturising moon mask) – £30.00
  3. Crystal clear shine lip gloss – £11.00
  4. One sample of the Glossier You fragrance
  5. Some pretty semi-transparent stickers
  6. Some instructions and some hello notes from the Gteam


Glossier Aesthetics, Packaging & Unboxing


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I will honestly buy Glossier just for the packaging alone. As you can see, my two parcels are packaged with such love and care. The Glossier tape covered box reveals the beautiful, trademark baby pink as you open the box with a cool slogan. What I really loved is the pink bubble wrap Ziploc style bags that my package came with! They make the perfect makeup bags and I obviously kept these. Also, cool notes, product information cards and stickers were included which I found helpful, appealing and sweet. This also shows that there is a lot of thought and care put behind the product.

My perfume sample was even in a lovely neat little transparent package too. Majority of the packaging is shiny and glossy, which works with the brand. I adore the holographic kick to the designs too. However I find that the metal tubes for the balm dotcom and moisturiser to be quite thin and flimsy, so squeezing out products must be done with caution. The good thing about the packaging is the simplicity with the option to customise (with the stickers included).

The psychology, thought and work behind the marketing of this brand is remarkable because it has personal relevance to a large range of people. From women of all races and from the chic and mature to the youthful and the playful. It is a overall very Instagrammable package and obviously I kept all of the packaging besides the large boxes. It even took a lot of courage to be able to throw the boxes away. If I develop any package hoarding problems, I will happily hold Glossier responsible!


Phase 1 Set Thoughts


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Milky Jelly Cleanser

Firstly, this cleanser is gorgeous. The texture is weirdly addictive to touch and is thicker than your average cleanser as it is, well, a jelly cleanser! Due to the texture a little goes a long way, especially for wet use. The smell is very mild but it is still there. You know those products that are scent-free? Yet they still have that barely noticeably subtle scent. The smell of this reminds me of glycerine soap with an extremely mild soapy and floral touch.

The cleanser is so mild that it is as mild as glycerine soap and water, but the only difference is that it dissolves away make up better. I don’t have to worry about a lengthy make up removal routine if I have thick make up on anymore. I also have sensitive skin that easily goes dry after washing my face and this cleanser did not irritate my skin at all. As you can see, it can be used on wet or dry skin but if you want to remove makeup I recommend applying on dry skin.

Priming Moisturiser

This moisturiser is hit and miss and very dependant on your skin type and condition! The smell is not bad but also not good. However, it does have a very slight dated powdery smell which I am not familiar with, then again I am familiar with to soapy, perfume-y and floral smelling moisturisers. Because of this you do not have to worry about harsh perfumes and chemicals! Plus this moisturiser is mild and did not irritate my sensitive skin. This moisturiser gives you that glow after use, it actually does plump up the skin and does its job! it is an absolute breeze to work with on cleansed, exfoliated and fresh skin. The spread-ability of this is amazing yet is not watery or “thin”.

But if you have skin that goes dry and feels clogged at the same time, this can clog the skin even more and feel awful. But this applies for every moisturiser! Since it is very moisturising and is one of those creams that give a dewy finish, it is best to cleanse exfoliate beforehand (as recommended) as it did clog my pores at times. It has been helpful and a hindrance for me which is why I plan to buy the exfoliating skin perfector that I have been waiting months for to use with this. Unfortunately, the cleanser can’t remove that clogged feeling and dead skin cells.

Balm Dotcom/Universal Skin Salve

I bought the birthday balm for my order. On the website it says it smells of, “Cake, at a surprise party with rainbow confetti – the corner piece with the most frosting”. I can confirm that this is 100% correct and not a sales gimmick. It smells amazing! It smells exactly like Betty Crocker white cake frosting, white chocolate, Marshmallow Fluff and vanilla extract. As stated on their website, my inner child was screaming! The balm has a very slight shimmer, nothing too glittery. As explained in my previous blog post, wax based lip products work well. This is very wax based and has a similar consistency to Vaseline, but thicker and better.

The product also goes a long way and I had to squeeze the tube quite hard due to the thickness, which is good because you do not need much product. However, as I used up the tube the formula did separate slightly and become slightly oily. But the quality of this outweighs this and feels amazing. I plan to buy all of the flavours available and this balm has recently replaced by lip essentials such as Vaseline and my Pixi balm. The balm hydrates well without clogging the skin or lips. Once you buy it, you won’t be able to live without it. I can only imagine how gorgeous the other flavours are!


Mask Duo Set Views


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Mega Greens Galaxy Pack

This is my favourite one the the two masks. It has this gorgeous oaty, avocado smell and I knew it would be great for the skin even after smelling this. The consistency is very creamy and thick which makes it easy to apply. Unlike most other face masks as this one sets, it does not cake on. It almost dissolves into the skin whilst setting. I noticed that the mask becomes less visible an fades as it dries, so you know your skin is absorbing all of that good stuff. This mask is very mild and leaves your skin feeling really smooth and fresh. Also, as promised, it gives you that glow and shine as soon as you wash it off. This face mask really works up a treat and I could not recommend it more.

 Moisturising Moon Mask

This mask smells so soothing and is very heavy and thick in consistency. I would only recommend using this after using the mega greens galaxy pack or after exfoliating. This mask is almost like a thick lotion/conditioner and does not set. Because it is so thick it is hard to rinse off so I would recommend relaxing with this mask on before a shower or in the bath! I would not recommend this for oily skin due to the consistency being similar to a hair conditioner, which causes acne. This mask works a treat on really clean skin, otherwise, use carefully and make sure it is rinsed off thoroughly. I think that these masks work best together and after cleansing and would only recommend purchasing the two together.


Is The Lip Gloss Really Worth The Hype? Or Is It Just An Average Gloss?


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Yes, it is worth the hype. This lip gloss has no smell and taste. Pure simplicity. Despite the pink tint, it looks clear when applied and gives a glassy shine similar to MAC’s lipglass, but with a nicer consistency. A little also goes a long way (this tends to be a pattern with Glossier products) and the texture is oh so smooth! It is not sticky at all and is very long lasting for a clear lip gloss. This also works as a lip balm for me as it feels nourishing, I even use this when I am in the house! The application gives off this smooth and cushiony feeling without being thick, sticky, greasy or even plasticy.

If you coat on clear lip gloss it can soften the lip skin but suffocate it to the point that the skin is and curling and peeling underneath, but not with this one. There is no need to apply balm or Vaseline beforehand. But if you apply the balm dotcom beforehand, boy you are in for a treat! Your lips would be set up for the day. I love this product and even the brush feels velvety and nice, my only fault is that the bottle is small and there is not enough of it!


What The Distinct “Glossier You” Actually Smells Like


I was so intrigued by the description of this perfume. It claims that you are the main ingredient and it works more as a skin smell enhancer as opposed to a perfume. Before buying I wanted to try the tester first. When my tester arrived, I was obsessed. I used up the whole tester and have still kept it to keep hold of any smell of it that I have left! If someone asked me what it smelt like I would say it smells of sex. The good, clean, comforting kind of sex. I know some people would think “ew” or be completed confused by that statement. I say this because it smells so good and smells similar to those subtle pheromone perfume and oils that you find in Ann Summers. It has the human-y note as explained but it has a very clean, soapy and linen element to it.

Forget the generic, floral and chemically perfumes, this is nothing like this and does not even possess an alcoholic smell. It will give you that smell that people will notice and love but can never put their finger on or figure out what it is. This will work differently with peoples body chemistry. But I can tell you that the smell quite strong yet subtle, this sounds confusing, I know. The strength is very potent but the notes are so neutral that it makes it subtle and mild at the same time. I cannot wait to purchase this and I will continue to sniff my tester bottle until I do so. I actually think I have found a new signature scent, it is so unique, unpredictable and simply beautiful.


My Final & Overall Thoughts On Glossier


Love it. The quality is amazing and well worth the money. I am so glad that I discovered this brand and it is one of my favourites. The products have true class and are gentle on the skin. I was not paid to write good stuff about this brand and these are based on my true opinion. If you want 10% off Glossier feel free to select any product of your interest below and it will automatically direct you. Alternatively you can click this link here. Your discount will automatically be deducted at the checkout. I hope that you have enjoyed my review and I will be reviewing more Glossier products. Thank you for reading and enjoy your discount if you decide to use it.




  1. May 8, 2018 / 9:32 am

    I really enjoyed your review! I’m really torn as to whether or not to get this, and I think you have swayed me more towards a ‘yes’

    Em x

    • beautifullyeurasian
      May 8, 2018 / 9:53 am

      Thank you very much. I’m glad this helped!

  2. May 8, 2018 / 1:20 pm

    I am happy that you loved the products and that it was money well spent. As for as I am concerned, I threw away around 200 GBP on products that at times are okay(ish) but could have done better. It all comes down to skin type as well so there is that.

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