Hello angels! I hope everybody is doing well? well, I have been battling with my depression (and procrastination!) so my posts have been very sparse. I have not discussed my holiday to Lanzarote in late June yet but I can start off by an interesting purchase I have made there for you beauty hungry viewers.

How I Discovered Essence Products

I am aware that Essence are a brand that does not cost much at all but I had no idea what the products are like or whether they are sold in the U.K. There are many perfume and beauty department stores scattered around Costa Teguise – the resort I was staying at in Lanzarote. I lost my Makeup Revolution concealer when I had some drinks with a couple we met one evening and I thought, “holy crap!”. The sun was beaming and the freckles were coming out so I needed a new concealer to even out my skin tone.

So, I was out with my mum in a beauty department store and saw an Essence counter. The prices are what drew me to Essence products. I decided to test the concealer and decided to purchase one. Later on I found myself going back to that specific store for essence makeup. But was it because I loved the products or because it was cheap and needed an emergency stash? Read on to find out! It also turns out that you can buy in the U.K, as I found their products on Wilko so I am going to include prices in pounds as opposed to euros (what I purchased them with).

Essence Stay Natural Concealer – £2.00

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Only £2?! That is what drew me to this concealer. My skin gets very freckly under my eyes when it is sunny so I often need a thick concealer to even everything out. I also suffer from redness around the nose area. When I tested this concealer it was very thick. It also does not look dry or cakey, it almost acts as a BB cream and moisturises your skin too. Despite this the coverage is good, it covers all of my redness and freckled areas.

This concealer also changes colour as you apply it, it matches with your skin tone too which is amazing. This concealer was so good that I purchased three more. The downside is that the tubes run out fast, but who can complain for £2? If you are after a more dewy concealer as opposed to a powdery/matte one I’d highly recommend this one.

Note – This is a pale part of my skin and is used to match my face on holiday. As you can see, the colour changes but not to worry as it blends in really well, even when the colour doesn’t match!

Essence Clean & Go Nail Varnish Remover – £2.21

This stuff is fantastic, it literally removes everything within seconds. It also smells quite decent and smells a lot like berries. This is lined the sponges this is a brilliant alternative to saturating endless cotton pads with nail polish remover and having your whole house smell of chemicals!

Essence Holo Wow Sparkle Stick – £3.50

This sparkle stick is very wax based. This is very pigmented and has a gorgeous pink pearl/iridescent colour. This is one of the most pigmented highlighter products that I own and I cannot recommend it enough. Lasting power is about average due to it’s wax base, it does need to be reapplied at times. It is not as long lasting as powder based highlighters but it is truly stunning and worth every penny!

Essence Glow to Go Illuminating Setting Spray – £3.30

This setting spray has a lovely clean and sparkling fragrance to it. The colour is a pearly and iridescent shade. The mist is also very fine and gentle which makes it suitable for spraying closely to the face. This product can give such glowing skin that you can even skip the highlighter if you are running low on time. You are missing out if you are not buying this one!

Essence products are really worth it and the quality is just as good as high priced brands. I hope that you enjoyed my review!

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  1. Gabija
    July 22, 2018 / 8:20 am

    Essence has been one of my favourite brands for years, and I love seeing people discover them- especially as they’re so affordable! I’d definitely give the lip liners and eyebrow products a whirl, they’re some of my all time favourites🌟

    Gabija x | everylittlethingblog.weebly.com

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