Hello everyone! I have recently collaborated with Femme Luxe Finery (You can check them out at https://femmeluxefinery.co.uk/) so I am going to show you some of their stunning items and an honest review on them! I said I was going to ghost, set out a workout regime and get my health back when it comes to content of me and my body but these items were so stunning that I just had to show them!


First Impressions & Thoughts

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I was a little sceptical at first as I find it very difficult to find clothes to fit me due to my bra size. But, I just could not resist these items, I am a massive fan of floral and lace bodysuits and playsuits. I have also never had the confidence to wear bodysuits due to my body shape but this brand has changed that for me. So, read on to find out and I hope that you enjoy this review of my Femme Luxe Finery haul! I am going to include the sizes that I’ve ordered and my stats –

Height: 5’3

Dress Size: 10-12

Bra Size: 34E

White Vogue Printed Crop Top – M/L

This store sells items up to a size 12/14 and due to my bust size I ordered a M/L. However, this was extremely comfortable and the material quality is great! The material feels very snug but it does not suffocate you or feel tight (I have to face this problem a lot with crop tops due to my cup size as mentioned). I love the simplicity of this design and it can be worn with almost everything and anything. This crop top looks best with high waisted jeans in my opinion! It is honestly one of the most comfortable crop tops that I own. Please feel free to look at their collection of crop tops and bralettes, they are truly stunning!

Crop Tops And Bralets

Black Floral Lace Bodysuit & Stripes Lace Bodysuit – Both 10-12

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I am a massive fan of lace! But I never had the confidence to wear anything lace besides underwear or lingerie. These gorgeous items instantly changed my mind. They are so comfortable and do not dig into your flesh. I was really worried about this as I am not very toned right now but these were honestly very comfortable. They also give the right amount of coverage so you do not need to buy nipple tape or pads. The materials are also very comfortable and do not cause irritation neither. There is a whole collection of these lovely bodysuits, I strongly suggest that you have a look!


Floral Front Wrap Playsuit – 12/14

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As you can see it is very comfortable yet slightly baggy. Despite this the pattern is absolutely stunning and I love it! You have to keep in mind that I am a 10 but I am very top heavy so I ordered the largest size just in case. The materials on this playsuit feel so snug and soft that this is also perfect to lounge in. Well, I feel like lounging in this anyway since it is so comfortable! The pattern is to die for and it covers up any body parts you may be insecure about. Note: this was taken when I was due and my stomach bloats up and sticks out a lot, this is show good the materials and pattern is! Below is a collection of more beautiful playsuits, I will definitely be buying from this collection in the future.


White Carmen Bardot Knitted Dress – 12

This dress is so comfortable! I love the colour as it makes you look tanned, even if your tan isn’t that prominent (like mine!). I find the dress extremely flattering and comfy as well as it being stylish. This can be used for day and evening and can even be used as a beach dress. I have included a dress link below to show you guys more stunning dresses from this store!



I hope that you have enjoyed reading this blog post. Keep in mind I am going to be working on my room decor, lighting and mirrors. Also, in addition to that I will be losing some weight and getting fitter! So I will be posting more content like this but with better quality. Femme Luxe Finery has really helped me feel good about myself and take the initial step which is why I’ve added a fashion category to my blog and plan to post content more like this. This is my first ever post of photos of my body! If this gorgeous clothing can help my confidence, it can help you too!

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