Hey dolls! It has been a while. I finally bucked up the courage to visit some much needed foodie spots in London – SOLO (Demi Lovato is seriously influencing and inspiring me right now!). This is something that I had to do on my personal journey to combat my anxiety and boy, I am glad I did! I have a huge fear of public transport, suffer from panic attacks and fear going out alone. However, there are so many amazing places in London to visit and I could not let my anxiety stop me. Due to this, I am now doing weekly foodie Friday’s! by Chloe is a hip and trendy USA based vegan branch.

This branch finally arrived here in London earlier this year. Coming from a cheese addict and the type of person who is into lashings of ice cream, steak, fried chicken… this does not stop me from visiting and being an absolute lover of vegan hot spots in London. Some days it is nice to go fresh and have a vegan day because I can assure you, they do not compromise on flavour! This little beauty is based in Convent Garden, by Chloe has been renowned for having the best vegan burgers in NYC. I just had to check this out as this place looks perfect for vegans and non-vegans!

By Chloe have a large range of things on their menu. Ranging from sweet baked goodies, frozen dairy-free ice cream pops, delicious brunches and fresh cold-pressed juices – which are all locally sourced and plant-based! To check out their menu click here. So millennials, whip your smartphones out and prepare for a Insta-worthy trip! Read on to see if the food matches up to the stunning aesthetics.

First Impressions & Decor

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This place is located around the corner from convent garden station. This place is full of fun swing chairs to bring out your inner child and phone charging docks (you need enough power to take stunning photos after all!). The lighting and decor was very tranquil to me and it was not too busy when I arrived. As a very anxious person I felt very relaxed here so this is the perfect place to chill, meet up for brunch and even to catch up on some work. People arrive with their laptops here too along with friendly groups of girls who are amazed by this place. Everything is decorated with beautiful fonts and colours from top to bottom – ranging from the “Guac save the queen” wall lighting to the bathrooms!

Burgers by Chloe & Air Baked Sweet Potato Fries

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Firstly, prices are not shown on the online by chloe menu. I did not manage to take photos of the menu board due to queues and my hands being full. Burgers cost around £9 and I ordered the guac burger along with some air baked sweet potato fries. When you order fries you have the choice between ordinary or sweet potato – both cost around £4.

I chose the guac burger was absolutely delicious! you can really tell that the ingredients were fresh. The guacamole with a fresh lime kick and crunchy tortilla pieces are really what made the burger. The sweet potato, black bean and quinoa burger patty itself had a lovely crispy texture to it and had a spicy Mexican kick to it too. But in all honesty, the chipotle aioli merged all of the flavours together. The sweet potato fries were very crispy without being greasy. They also had a slight sweetness in the seasoning which made them taste really unique!

Chill by Chloe & Beverages

There are such a large range of drinks on the menu. Options range from smoothies, fresh juice, coffee and teas. But one drink really popped out to me. It is also my ultimate favourite substance to drink on this entire planet – coconut water! infamously known for being full of electrolytes and its nutritional value. As expected, it was slightly pricey. The coconuts look so pretty that I just had to buy one, the coconuts cost around £4 which is also the going rate for drinks in here. This is the tastiest and purest form of coconut water you can get, especially slap bang in the middle of the city of London!

I decided to opt for one of the items from the chill by Chloe range. They do the most stunning flavoured push pops range including: Birthday cake, coconut matcha, salted caramel, chocolate and quinoa horchata. Obviously, all 100% vegan, plant based and dairy free of course! As most people that know me would guess, I had my heart set on the birthday cake flavour, unfortunately they sold out. I do recommend arriving earlier in the day as items do sell out fast here. I decided to try salted caramel and it was lovely, I honestly could not tell the difference between this and dairy ice cream – in fact, it was better! it had very large chunks of banana bread in this which was absolutely lush. The salted caramel ice cream had the right balance of sweet and salty. I could’ve bought 10 of these!

Overall rating & will I return?

Overall I would rate this place 8/10. This place did not get a 10/10 due to the prices products running out. They also have a woof by Chloe range and sadly they run out of peanut butter dog bones. I was really hoping to share this experience with my dogs but maybe next time? Yes! there will be a next time as this is the perfect place for brunch, a coffee, work and for any occasion. I will most likely try their brunch and fresh juices next time! Hopefully I can get my hands on some dog treats the next time.

How food blogging helped me face my anxiety

This is the first ever time I eaten somewhere by myself and I am proud that I saw this beautiful little gem for myself and that I am combatting my severe anxiety that I am suffering with. So that mirror described my exact emotion “Yass Queen!” for facing my fears. Whether you want to have a laugh with your girlfriends or catch up or if you even want some me time, I would say go for it. But if you want to go alone do but are hesitant or nervous, do not let that put you off! This place is very chilled out and relaxing. Plus I’ve seen groups and people turn up alone, either way it is worth it!

I hope this inspires food bloggers that read this and that this encourages people to face their fears, not to be dependant on others and to and get out there. I would not have done this if it was not for blogging and those who read it, so thank you (yes you who is reading this!) for helping me face my anxiety. The encouragement that I have from my family, my new friends and social media has been amazing. I now have foodie Friday’s scheduled every week and I hope that you guys enjoy them in future! I would also love to hear about your brunch or solo dining experiences, feel free to comment blow!


  1. September 7, 2018 / 10:23 pm

    This sounds amazing, I wish we had one here! Drinking right from the coconut is always the best

    • beautifullyeurasian
      September 7, 2018 / 10:25 pm

      They have one in London and a few scattered around the USA. The coconut was great! Well worth they money!

  2. September 10, 2018 / 5:30 pm

    This sounds like a lovely spot! I’m so happy you faced your fears and wrote about it. Going out to eat alone is something that frightens me as well. Good luck on your foodie Friday journeys!

    • beautifullyeurasian
      September 10, 2018 / 6:08 pm

      Thanks darling. I’ve honestly feared it my whole life but it wasn’t too bad and I’d definitely come back here! I also hope you enjoy them in future x

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