Hello everyone! It is time for another foodie Friday post as promised. So this time I decided to give Camden market a visit. Camden is quite a nostalgic place for me as I have been visiting this place for years. I have been here with school friends, my dad and have even had couple days out here. Also, I have volunteered in this area and have even had my tongue pierced in one of the piercing parlours on Camden high street (but that is another story!).

I have not visited and eaten in the market itself for years. So I did some research and there is now the Kerb market located next to the canal on the right side of the bridge on Camden high street. If you are travelling from Camden town station it is located straight down on the high street. They do a range of amazing food ranging from mac n’ cheese, burgers, jerk chicken and many more! There are also many vegan food stores and restaurants within Camden such as the well known Mildred’s. But sadly the traders from the Kerb market will be moving away on the 1st of October 2018 so if you want to try their food (particularly the halloumi fries) make sure that you visit soon!

Why I Will Always Love Camden

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Despite my good and bad memories here with exes and past friends, nobody will ruin my future experiences of the amazing food here. I love Camden town because Camden is a place where people can be themselves and be free. There is a vast range of amazing food, people and cultures and is very diverse. There is simply no other place in the world that is quite like Camden.

I would describe this place as very eccentric and vibrant, you’ll also meet some very unforgettable and the most passionate market traders if you ever visit here. Also, you will also see some very unusual things happen here as I have. Ranging from an 80 year old women shuffling to house music and a rapping Asian man (to which I will tell you about later!). As you can see, you can even have a tea party with the mad hatter! This place is truly worth the visit as there is not ever a dull moment in Camden town.

Oli Baba’s Halloumi Fries

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Overall Rating: 8/10

These beauties do not only consist of cheese, but deep fried cheese (my health will not thank me for this!). Oli Baba’s is located within the Kerb market found by Camden lock canal. The servers deep fry these, add seasoning and then top them with mouth watering ingredients, as it if halloumi was not nice enough alone! They top it off with za’atar yoghurt, pomegranate molasses, pomegranate seeds and mint leaves. However, if you want to spice up your life a little, you can top it off a with some chilli flakes for some heat!

These halloumi fries cost £6. I thought it was a tad expensive due to the portion size. But, do not be fooled! since it is actual deep fried cheese these halloumi fries are extremely rich and savoury. As much as you’d think that it is easy to overindulge on these, it is not! they are extremely filling so this portion is honestly best to eat as a shared portion. The overall taste and texture was absolutely addictive. The toppings made something that already tastes fantastic into an aesthetically pleasing dish. It is a shame that Oli Baba’s will be moving along with many other traders from the Kerb market. But do not hesitate! These traders can be found in various places in London. You can click here to find out updates on where these traders can be found, including the miracle workers at Oli Baba’s!

Bang Bang Chicken & Noodles

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Overall Rating: 9/10

I have been eating this stuff here for years. Yet I cannot figure out for the life of me why store owners call it “bang bang chicken”. It is also the only food with the “try before you buy” policy. But there is one person who serves this up who is not quite like no other. People famously know him as the bang bang chicken man (type this into YouTube if you don’t know who he is). Also, he is one of the most eccentric people in Camden and it is not hard to miss him. He has a booming voice that is very hard to miss and he is always rapping and singing his heart out! Sadly, his store relocated quite a few times due to new flats being built (that’s gentrification for you!).

Everybody thought he didn’t work in Camden anymore, until I did find him by surprise! He is now working inside of the stables market. His store is inside the L-cove of all of the Indian/Chinese/Thai stores. Yes, he is still here serving up the same delicious goods and entertaining his customers. This food cost £5 for a small container and £7 for a large one. It is very tasty and oh-so-addictive. They do a range of curry, sweet and sour, BBQ and black bean flavoured chicken dishes and many more. These all have a lot of flavour. The bang bang chicken (the dry one) is extremely tender, juicy and crispy too. I would recommend getting the bang bang chicken without all of the sauce as the sauce ruins it and makes it soggy, particularly if you want to package it and bring some home.

Finally, any Recommendations?

Overall it was a very good trip and I am working on a vlog of my trip too. Also, I did manage to get the bang bang chicken man to rap! I cannot wait to revisit here so if you have also visited or have any recommendations, I’d love to hear them! I hope you have enjoyed this post and to please keep a lookout for my next foodie Friday’s post.


  1. September 17, 2018 / 9:16 pm

    Sounds like a fascinating place. Thanks for the infol.

    • beautifullyeurasian
      September 17, 2018 / 9:19 pm

      It really is. There is not place quite like it!

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