Who I Am

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Amy’s Origins

Hello beautiful people and welcome to my blog! So the fact you are on here shows that you are interested enough to know more about me, firstly I was born and bred in London, I have an Irish/Jewish mother & a Chinese/Malaysian father and this is where part of my blog name derives from, the European & Asian culture. It is difficult to describe my ethnicity until I discovered that there are “Eurasian” (European & Asian) people like me and that the term does exist! I could’ve named my blog something like “Half yellow fashion” or “Half Asian eats” (I joke! These are just silly examples) but I decided to play a massive risk, I could not simply narrow my blog down to one sole topic because I have so much to share and so much to offer the world but I KNEW that I would make my blog beautiful for the people that are viewing and reading, so I decided to merge the words “Beautifully Eurasian”, why? Because I also grew up with a lot of identity and self-esteem issues regarding my ethnic background and I feel like the name is a way of me making peace with my ethnicity and showing pride, I feel like this is a vital part of my self-love journey. But there is much more to me as you readers will discover, I am more than my skin, my hair and so on..

I graduated with my Psychology BSc (Hons) last year & went through some heavy obstacles to get where I am today, despite my academic background, I now realised that the lifestyle these kind of careers entail does not suit me and I did not click with anybody in the field, I felt like my life had more purpose, so I have taken a risk and changed my career/9-5 route to starting blogging and breaking into the modelling industry (again!). I want to earn money from travelling the world and sharing my experiences with others, I know my choice is not “a proper career” in most peoples eyes or a straight forward path but I want to live my life before I settle down and have children, I do NOT want to be a working mum and be tied down to a 9-5 life that will drain me. I want the best for me and my family and nothing worth it comes easy!…and I will get all of those things and I know that the lifestyle I want is achievable.

I have experienced some amazing and f*cked up stuff to share with you guys, ranging from my travel experiences, different careers, relationships and so on which is why I have so many categories alongside the typical beauty & travel posts. I also want to use all of these experiences to inspire and help others.

Random Facts About Me

  1. I have a full blown aversion/fear of coriander
  2. I am obsessed with bagels
  3. I love cosmology and quantum mechanics
  4. I have the dirtiest sense of humour and I am a tomboy deep down (behind all of the beauty blog posts!)
  5. I hate small talk

Special people & pets

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I have a few but very special people in my life and also have two beautiful dogs and a cat (and other small pets I cannot recall!). As well as helping you guys, I want to share as much of these beautiful moments as possible and to also show the struggle and nitty gritty behind my success to keep this blog as real as possible! I hope that you enjoy my blog and that I can reach out and help as many people as possible to be inspired to also be the best version of themselves and to overcome obstacles.