About this Blog

This is a versatile and in depth lifestyle blog. It includes various topics ranging from beauty, mental health, travel, food and fashion. A lot of people advised me to “find a niche” but I found that advice to be very limiting. However, I have a lot to offer to those who read my blog posts and follow me. Also, I want my posts to inspire, help and benefit the people who read them. This blog is not just a superficial blog. It is a blog with depth, my unique experiences and many aspects that I am passionate about sharing with the world and blogging community.

The name of this blog “Beautifully Eurasian” may confuse some people and is not the snappiest of blog names. But, once you can see the meaning behind the name of my blog, it will hopefully inspire you! Eurasian means: A person of mixed European and Asian parentageI grew up with a lot of self-esteem and confidence issues due to this. Also, I never felt like I didn’t fit in anywhere due to my ethnic mixture. I hope to reach out to ethnic minorities and achieve killer self-confidence and full acceptance of who I am and to encourage others to do the same.

I hope to take pride of my ethnic roots and to finally see my ethnic mixture as beautiful after years of self-hatred. The name of this blog symbolises pride and the point of self-confidence where I want to reach in life. Therefore, I hope to inspire people of similar mixed ethnic backgrounds and others from all walks of life to accept who they are and love themselves! The aim of this blog is to aid people on their way to mental health recovery, show my passion for beauty and fashion and deep hunger for exploring the world.


The Woman Behind the Blog!

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My name is Amy Jane Gorman. I have an INFP personality type and would describe myself as an empath and humanitarian. I am a woman who has a lot to offer the world who refuses to be silenced by my adversities, life’s negativity and my mental health issues that I face on a daily basis. Also, I absolutely refuse to let life’s difficulties dull my inner sparkle and determination! I am a 24 year old Psychology graduate who has the baby face of a 16 year old. I am the one who has a very dirty and childish sense of humour and who laughs too much. Also, helping people and making others around me smile is something I am deeply passionate about.

A lot of adversities happened in my life that I have overcome and inspired people around me. I went from leaving school with one GCSE at a “E” grade due to bullying to achieving a 2:1 degree in Psychology. However, I now work for myself as a writer and blogger. I changed my career due to demand in the field I was in and the ability to show the world my passions! Also, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have! Also, for whatever reason you may want to contact me, feel free to click on my contact link above. Whether it is mental health issues, blogging advice or if you just want to connect and chat – Do NOT hesitate! This is what the blogging community is about.

Thank you ever so much for taking the time to read about me. I appreciate every single bit of support! I hope that you enjoy following me on my journey, my blog and all of my content.