Hello Dolls (and Kens!),

As you can tell I from my social media and blog that I am very passionate about reviewing and promoting a vast range of products and places ranging from beauty products, clothing, food places and even hotels so I am very open to collaborations and also helping businesses. I am also open to connecting with people who share the same dreams as me and people who are in the modelling industry, travel industry and bloggers, whether you are new or experienced in both industries. I have been in the modelling industry a few years ago and I am working on making a success of it so if you are interested in working with me also feel free to contact me.

I am not one of these people who are all out for themselves, I want to support fellow bloggers and models so do not hesitate to contact me as a positive support network is vital!

Also since my blog also has a mental health component if you are struggling with similar issues I have posted and need the help and motivation or have any questions I will be happy to help and support you.

I am very PR friendly you can E-mail me at – or click the adorable little social media icons. Alternatively you can fill in this form, this is great for bloggers so that I can view your blogs and connect more, I would love some feedback and to hear from you people who are kind enough to visit my blog!